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Business Phone Lines

Our Business Calls and Lines are here to cut costs on your bottom line, whilst also providing your business with reliable and effective services needed to deliver high-quality internal and external communications.

For our business phone lines we use SIP trunks, which are the long-term replacement for ISDN. They use ultra-reliable, dedicated voice broadband to carry voice traffic, as well as video and other forms of media. SIP can save your business a significant amount of money with its lower monthly line rentals and call costs, compared with ISDN and Analogue Lines.

BT is set to switch off the ISDN network by 2025, so the switchover is already happening for many businesses to upgrade their business phone lines. Future proof your infrastructure by moving to SIP today. Read more about Rental and Minutes

Memorable and Unique Business Phone Numbers

A memorable telephone number, as the term might suggest is a number that’s easy for someone to remember. These numbers typically take the form of a local area code such as 020 for London or 0161 for Manchester, followed by digits that might be particularly memorable or repetitive such as 247 0247.

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    – We tailor our services uniquely around your requirements and offer an individual service at competitive prices.

    – We offer full design, install and support structure for all data networks no matter what size business you are.