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Call Recording

Need to track old calls for training? Want a couple on file for compliance? Forgotten what Barbara told you last Thursday?

No need to fret, we can provide call recording software to provide this to you. Secure online storage, ability to delete or download calls and have multiple logins with varying access.

Keep a record of your calls.

Benefits of Call Recording:

  • Staff performance monitoring
  • Campaign and promotion evaluation
  • Training support
  • Improve customer service
  • Regulation and code of practice compliance
  • Record transactions
  • Integrated IP Call Recording
  • Server status and memory monitoring

Call Analytics and Dashboards

It’s hard to make informed decision with no evidence. Where do I need to improve when I don’t know who’s doing what?

All these uncertainties can be wiped out with our call statistics features, allowing you to get information on your inbound calls so you know who’s doing what, and how much.

Get the facts, get call stats.

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