Business Line Rental, Minutes, and Calls

Tailored Business Line Rental and Low Cost Calling Plans

With your telecoms and data infrastructure in place, it’s time to consider the variable communication costs that every business deals with — Business Line Rental and calling plans.

A full-service business like Diamond Communications has the telecoms industry relationships and the know-how to make sense of your Business Line Rental options. When considering the many Business Phone Line call connection types that come into play each day, Diamond will be able to advise you.

Understand Your Calling Patterns for Improved Efficiency

When you know the facts about your calling patterns by analysing the call traffic, you can see amazing cost savings. This is what we do – a personalised call traffic analysis. It determines the most cost-effective and efficient line rental and calling plan, guaranteed to save you money.

With the convergence of telephony, the Internet, mobility and digital TV security, our communication’s engineers have the training and the experience required. They install the most relevant telecoms phone systems, lines and minutes package for your business operations.

Competitive & Low-Cost Business Calling Plans

We have formed major partnerships with many Telecoms network providers and technology hardware vendors. So, this means we can deliver competitive telephony and Business Line Rental services to our customers.

Take advantage of our telephony services today. We offer:

  • Communications consultancy for a free on-site survey.
  • Competitive line rentals.
  • Low-cost calling plans.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Diamond Communications offers comprehensive telecommunications and data network management solutions to help businesses operate a reliable and secure communications network that is optimised and efficient.

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    Value Statement

    – We tailor our services uniquely around your requirements and offer an individual service at competitive prices.

    – We offer full design, install and support structure for all data networks no matter what size business you are.